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IPO guidance in IPO issues arising at the end of the Brexit implementation period

Subject: Intellectual property/Brexit consequences

Source: GOV.UK Intellectual Property Office  (IPO)

The IPO has published a set of guidance notes on IPO issues for businesses after the transition period:

*     Intellectual property: exhaustion of IP rights and parallel trade after the transition period: actions that parallel exporters to the EEA and intellectual property rights holders will need to take from 1 January 2021;

*     Copyright:

- changes to copyright law after the transition period: impacts on UK right holders, businesses, cultural heritage institutions and consumers;

- orphan works and cultural heritage institutions: Cultural heritage institutions will not be able to rely on the orphan works exception after the end of the transition period.

*     Database right:

- How protection in the EU for databases produced in the UK will change.

*     Designs:

- Businesses holding registered community designs and international trade marks and designs;

- Businesses who have unregistered community designs;

*     Online content services after the transition period.

*     Patents and SPCs: information for businesses, legal representatives, and UK rights holders.

*     Trade marks:

- Businesses and organisations holding EU trade marks;

- international trade mark registrations protected in the EU under the Madrid Protocol will no longer enjoy protection in the UK after 1 January 2021.


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