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Company directors banned following repeated breaches of marketing regulations

Subject: Sellling and marketing/ Advertising to businesses

Source: The Insolvency Service

Alan Farrow (34) will be joined on the disqualified directors register by his wife, Marina Farrow (34), who has been banned for 5 years.

Husband and wife company directors gave disqualification undertakings following repeated failures to deliver tractors and other goods sold and use of misleading advertising and the liquidation of their company.

Alan and Marina Farrow were directors of East Yorkshire Machinery Limited, a company was based in Shiptonthorpe which dealt in second-hand tractors, agricultural machinery and plant equipment.

Insolvency Service investigators found several complaints had been made to Trading Standards about the company. Between January 2016 and October 2017, at least 11 customers purchased tractors and other goods advertised for sale from East Yorkshire Machinery worth more than £88,000 but the company failed to supply or deliver the goods and failed to refund several customers.


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