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Public entertainments
The provision of public entertainments within the UK is generally subject to a licence from the local authority. In London and certain other localities there is a specific local statutory control.

England and Wales
For further information and the Live Music Act 2012, see Alcohol sale and licensed activities

Northern Ireland
The provision of entertainment is regulated under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1985.

“Entertainment" is defined in the legislation but broadly includes a theatrical performance, dancing, singing or music or any other entertainment of a like kind, a circus, any entertainment which consists of, or includes, any public contest, match, exhibition or display of boxing, wrestling, judo, karate or any similar sport, billiards, pool, snooker or any similar game, darts, any other sport or game prescribed by regulations.
For further information, visit and check with the local authority.

A licence from the local authority is needed to hold any public entertainments, including music, dancing, boxing or wrestling, whether or not an admission charge is made (Civic Government (Scotland) 1982 s.41 (as amended)). Certain events may be exempt from the need for a licence.
For further information, visit
and check with the local authority.

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