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A person has the right to quiet enjoyment of his own land. A person who interferes with that right, whether or not due to negligence, may be liable to pay damages and to submit to an injunction. The interference may be due to a variety of causes, including escape of water, pollution, noise and smells.


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26/02/2014: Supreme Court reverses CA ruling in Mildenhall Stadium nuisance case

Coventry and others v Lawrence and another
[2014] UKSC 13  Hearing Date: 26 February 2014

This case raised a number of points in connection with the law of private nuisance, a common law tort. The type of nuisance alleged in the case was nuisance in the sense of personal discomfort, in particular nuisance by noise, as opposed to actual injury to the claimant's property (such as discharge of noxious material or removal of support).

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