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Foreign companies recognised under English law
A company which is incorporated in a foreign country is generally recognised under English law as a corporation in England and English law will allow it to sue and be sued in England in its corporate capacity ( Henriques v General Privileged Dutch Co Trading to West Indies (1728) 2 Ld Raym 1532; Newby v von Oppen and Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co (1872) LR 7 QB 293; Lazard Bros & Co v Midland Bank Ltd [1933] AC 289 at 297, HL.).

Foreign company with a UK establishment
A foreign company with a UK establishment i.e. a physical presence in the UK in the form of a branch or agency must register certain documents at Companies House including accounts Companies Act 2006 (sections 1044 to 1059 inclusive); the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009/SI 1801).

For guidance see Companies House guidance on
Overseas Companies registered in the UK

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