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Terms and conditions and fair use policy

The Legaleze answers service (“the service”) is designed for Premium Members of the Legaleze website (“the Site”) who are individuals considering to start a business or are owners and managers of SMEs in the “micro category (see the Glossary)

The service offers replies to questions by email from members on basic business law and regulatory questions within the subjects listed on the left hand menu of the Site and any additional subjects we may offer from time to time. In particular, the subjects do not presently cover agricultural and farming law, real property, landlord and tenant law, planning law or civil litigation and dispute resolution.

Most of the subjects covered by the service are regulated by law affecting the whole of the United Kingdom (“UK”). However in cases where the law does not cover the whole of the UK, the service relates to law applying to England (including Wales unless different law applies in a particular case). Where a question relates to the law in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales rather than the whole of the UK, or to local law, we will endeavour to reply to the question if our sources permit.

We will answer questions as soon as reasonably possible and will aim (but do not promise) to reply within 2 business days. We do not promise to reply to all questions but will make reasonable endeavours to do so.

The service is not intended to provide legal advice or as a replacement for legal or other professional advice where appropriate.

The service is subject to a fair use policy so that the service is not intended for complex or multiple questions and we reserve the right to restrict questions to one per week per member or otherwise as we decide is appropriate in our absolute discretion from time to time.

We reserve the right by giving notice on the Site at any time to vary the terms of the service, to suspend the service and to withdraw the service entirely.

The service is subject to the general Legaleze terms and conditions.

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