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How to use the Legaleze website

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To search the public areas of this site use either the Google custom search on the left.

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Select a subject from the main menu on the left for a concise introduction to help get you started. Many of these subjects have additional subsections that will be listed on a right menu.

Finding the law

For a guide to finding sources of law, go to Finding the law.

UK law: the United Kingdom consists of three separate legal jurisdictions: England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. In addition, in certain areas Wales has adopted statutory laws which differ from those in England. Most of the law dealt with on the Legaleze Site applies throughout the UK but the Site is primarily concerned with the law in England and Wales. However, we aim to point out where the law in Northern Ireland and Scotland is different. In such cases, we will indicate where legal information on the particular subject is available in those jurisdictions if we have the information.

What's New
Is a daily digest of new laws, regulations, court cases, rulings, government policies and guidance and other developments relevant for owners and managers of SMEs. You can enable our RSS feed here enable RSS feed 

Legaleze Document Drafter
Model legal documents are available to Premium members*. Here you have access to all the model documents currently on this website. The list of documents will grow as this Site develops and as new regulations are introduced. You can also contact us for model documents that are not listed (subject to terms and possible charges).
*Premium membership can be purchased for just a single annual payment of £50.00

The Glossary
Expressions commonly used throughout the site are defined in the Glossary, such as Contract, EEA, EU etc.



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