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About Legaleze

The aim of the Legaleze website is to provide owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK with a concise but accurate guide to the laws and regulations which affect their business.

This is not a one-stop shop but a complement and a gateway to the official sources of legal information and regulatory guidance to the laws with which a business must comply.

On Legaleze we help you to find out for yourself much of the law and regulations affecting your business, even if you intend to seek professional legal advice. In additional there are model legal documents and DIY (do it yourself) toolkits that you can use for your individual business needs.

Joined up legal information
We aim to give you a concise summary of the law in a way that allows you to understand the legal context in which your business operates. We tell you the official source of the law and official sites where you can obtain further information and guidance.

Useful as those sources are, they do not offer "joined up" information on the law as a whole, or on the inter-action between different laws and regulations. We aim to give you a “joined up” view of the laws. We will also add our own comment on the law or regulation where we feel it is appropriate. We will always make it clear when we are commenting by using the words "Legaleze comment" or simply by using square brackets.

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